While I just wrote about the Lincoln Memorial being my favorite memorial in Washington, DC, my favorite museum is the Air and Space Museum.  It’s definitely one of the things I like about Washington, DC.   It is also one of the most popular and most visited museums in the world.

There is much to see in the museum … as it displays air travel from the very beginning of Kitty Hawk through the planes from World War 1 and World War II … to the incredible machines that have been to the moon and beyond.

But, by far my favorite thing to do in the Air and Space is to go see the Imax movies.  The movies are shown on a screen that is 6 – 7 stories high.  And, the movies are spectacular.  I’m in awe every time I see them … even ones like “To Fly,” which I’ve seen at least 12 – 15 times.  I’ve probably seen 6 – 8 different movies over the years.  I’m in amazement every time I see the Imax films.

Also, during the hot and humid summer months, there’s nothing better than taking in an Imax movie in the cool, air-conditioned theatres.  My father told me that growing up in Oklahhoma City, they used to go see double features in the movie houses primarily for the air conditioning in the hot summer months (before most homes had their own AC units).

The Smithsonian museums are wonderful … there’s so many great places to visit on the National Mall … but if I were to recommend one museum, it would be the Air and Space Museum (the other annex near Dulles Airport is terrific too).