This other blog posting about What I like about Washington, DC is a trip down memory lane.   What’s the choice?  Roy Rogers restaurant!

Today, we had a baseball game to play in our 30-and-over hardball league at Mt Vernon High School in Alexandria.  One of the Roy Rogers is still there!  We haven’t played at Mt Vernon HS in a while so I haven’t been down Route 1 for a couple of years but as soon as I saw it on the way to the game I knew I’d stop there to pick up lunch after the game.

If you’re a Washingtonian and over certain age, you absolutely will remember the Roy Rogers restaurants.  They’ve been bought and sold a few times …. so there’s only a handful left in the greater DC area … but they always do bring a smile to my face.

There was a Roy Rogers across the street from where I went to high school — WT Woodson in Fairfax.  And, there was on River Road … not too far from where I went to college, American University as well as where I worked, Q107 and WMAL Radio.

(As an aside, being back in the Mt Vernon area also brings back memories.  I was born there at DeWitt Army Hosptial on Ft Belvoir; I took my SAT’s at Mt Vernon HS (although I didn’t do that great); I watched one of best friends make a memorable catch in a regional high school football game played at Mt Vernon HS; and I used to DJ a lot of weddings at Ft Belvoir and in the Mt Vernon area.)

Anyways, I do my best to try to eat healthy — and try not to frequent fast food places too much — I love the salads at Sweetgreen and the subs at Subway — but, I must admit, it was great to order my old stand-by this afternoon …. Roast Beef sandwich, loaded w/ condiments, french fries and Coke.  Life’s good when you eat at a Roy Rogers.  🙂