Only a week to go for my goal of writing a daily blog in June on the topic of What I like about Washington, DC.  I thought I might run out of topics but I think I’ll have another 8 choices.  Today’s choice?   Key Bridge.

Next month will mark 10 years since I moved into a townhouse in Rosslyn, right next to the Key Bridge Marriott and the Key Bridge.  The back of the house overlooks the GW Parkway and the Potomac River.  And it’s directly across from Georgetown University.

As noted in other blogs, I like to walk to work to Georgetown University a couple of times a week.  One of the best things about the walk is the absolutely beautiful walk across the Key Bridge.   To my left are great views of the Potomac River and of Georgetown University.  To my right are views of Georgetown, the Washington Harbour, Watergate, Kennedy Center, etc.  It’s a breathtaking view.  It never gets old.

Key Bridge, which is named after the author of the “Star Spangled Banner,” Francis Scott Key, is known as the link between Washington, DC and Virginia.  It’s a beautiful place and it’s definitely one of the things I really like about Washington, DC.