What a great afternoon in the Nation’s Capital!  I was fortunate to be invited to attend a ceremony at the White House honoring the Super Bowl champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We had perfect spring weather today … sunny, in the mid 70’s with a nice, light breeze.

President Obama and his team did a remarkable job in hosting this ceremony.  This wasn’t just a “meet and greet” and congratulate a championship sports team type of event.  In addition, a number of military soldiers, including about 50 “Wounded Warriors” from the Walter Reed Hospital were invited to the ceremony.

After the President’s remarks, the entire Steelers team, including coaches, and military soldiers assembled a few thousand care packages, which will be delivered by the USO to soldiers overseas.

The players seemed to be enjoying themselves while the huge grins and smiles on the faces of the soldiers was priceless.   It was a beautiful sight to see the players and soldiers interacting so well.  It seemed like a mutual admiration society.

The Steelers esteemed owner, Mr. Dan Rooney, also walked around and talked to dozens and media members as well as guests and fans.  I’ve always read that Mr. Rooney is an outstanding and gracious person … that’s exactly what we witnessed today.

Kudos to the people that organized today’s event … it was a world-class event … and I’m sure a day that many of the attendees will cherish forever.