Today is the one-year anniversary of my Father’s memorial service and burial at Ft. Myer Chapel and the Arlington National Cemetery.   Yes, of course, my family and I miss my Father, but all in all, we’re doing okay.  We continue to be comforted with the thoughts that he lived a long, wonderful life; is reunited with his parents and brothers; and is no longer suffering from Alzheimer’s.

I also want to once again thank the many, many wonderful friends that played such an important role last year.  When my Father passed in late February last year, I / we received an outpouring of support from many people — via phone calls, emails, text messages, in-person visits, cards, etc.  Each and every “touch” was appreciated and so very helpful during the grieving process.

The weather yesterday and today is very similar to the weather we had during the ceremony and reception last year … sunny and in the mid 70’s.

This past year has indeed been a “Year of Change” in so many, different ways.   But, during the highs and lows, the one constant is the wonderful support from so many wonderful friends.   I was taught at a young age “to treat others well … and in return … you will be treated well. ”

I’m trying my best to help and mentor others … whether through mentorships, teaching, internships, co-workers, etc.  And, the other saying is true … “whatever you give, you will get back that much more in return.”

I can absolutely confirm that both of these adages are quite true.

I am going to Arlington National Cemetery this morning to pay respects to my Father.   But, before heading over to ANC, I wanted to once again thank the many wonderful family members and friends that played an important role in helping us so much last year.  We are eternally grateful.

Peace to all.