I just returned from a 6-day trip to Seattle and LA.   It was a good trip … a combination of a few excellent business meetings for my new firm while also visiting with a number of good friends.  I blogged briefly about Seattle (like that city).   Here’s some observations about LA:

– it’s wise to rent a hybrid.  Not only is it good for the air, but the hotel where I stayed (Miramar Fairmont in Santa Monica) didn’t charge a parking fee for hybrids (nice savings since it’s $30 per night to park there).

– the beaches in LA have to be among the widest and largest in the world.   And, the volleyball they play on the beach is world-class.

– apparently, it never rains in Southern CA, but I didn’t have one sunny day in four days in Santa Monica.  Normally, the sun burns off the clouds by early afternoon but it’s “June Gloom” season right now so it was overcast every day.  Of course, if you drive inland, it’s sunny.

– I sat through two earthquakes.  I definitely saw plenty of nervous faces when it was rattling, but I grew up in Tokyo, where earthqukes are pretty common.  The first one was a 4.7 so it was nice jolt.  I do not miss the earthquakes!  Fortunately, there are few quakes in DC.

– the “scene” is interesting but fairly ridiculous, especially the way people fawn all over the “celebrities.”  Heck, they’re people, after all.  I get more hyped for people that “give back” and “make a difference,” r.e. business leaders, philanthropists, people dedicated to community service.  And, the way the papparazi’s hang out in front of the clubs is comical.

– but, the club scene is pretty good.  We went to Hyde on Friday night and Falcon on Saturday night.  The NFL was holding their Rookie Symposium this past weekend so Sat’s party at Falcon was full of NFL fellas.

– it is cool to see how many people are working out regularly in LA.  Obviously, that’s part of the culture there, but it’s good to see.  And, it definitely motivates you to work out, which I did every day there.

– LA is really an amazing, sprawling city.  I normally prefer the big cities that are walkable and / or have great public transportation, like Tokyo, New York, Paris, etc.  And, you have to have a car in LA (and patience due to the congested traffic), but the city does have such a wide range of people and things to do.  It’s a unique place.

But, it’s good to be back in DC.  And, the weather forecast today is sunny and in the 70’s … sounds like LA weather!