I arrived in Seattle at 4:oo pm PST yesterday, just in time to watch Game 7 of the Caps – Penguins game.  When we  arrived at the Fox Sports Bar, it was a 0 – 0 game a few minutes into the 1st period.    Then, before you know it, the friggin’ Pens are up 2 – 0!  UGH!   But, I had confidence that the Caps could claw back.  Unfortunately, it was not their day.  A depressing 6 – 2 loss.  But, it was a remarkable season for the Caps.  They become DC’s hottest and favorite sports franchise.  And, they’ve increased their fan base (they’re sold out for next year)!

The main reason for my trip to Seattle is to meet with a couple of new potential clients / partners for my new JLynn Associates business.   I’m positioning my business as a Strategic Advisory firm, focusing on Sports, Sports Marketing and Sports Media.

I had two fantastic meetings — with Synapse and Pacific Market International.   There’s definitely ways that we can all work together, particularly in the burgeoning Asian marketplace.   I’m truly energized and focused to make this happen.

After working for large media companies for nearly 20 years, it’s quite a different feeling to be an entreprenuer, but I’m very much enjoying the experience.  It’s a good change-of-pace.

Before I sign off, I must throw props to Seattle.   What a cool city!   Yes, it’s been overcast or rainy since I’ve been here but the people are chill and friendly.  One of my hosts gave me a good tour — we drove through the hip parts of town, then out past Redmond and Bill Gates’ territory, to the gorgeous Snoqualmie Falls about 30 minutes outside of the city, through the Univ of Washington campus, through their China / Asia town, past the two stadiums, etc.   And, yes, I’ve sampled the terrific coffee and salmon (Seattle staples).

I’m off to LA tonight for more meetings for JLA!