The huge crowds expected in Washington, DC are starting to roll in for the Inauguration.   Many of the restaurants and clubs are booked solid for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights.   The city is as electric as I’ve ever seen it.

After attending 12 Super Bowl Weekends and 10 NBA All-Star Weekends as well as a couple of Olympics, I know first-hand what happens when a large-scale event comes to town.  But, this will be different since the theme and focus is on the incoming Obama administration.

Fortunately, I live 1/4 mile outside of DC in Rosslyn, VA …  so I can easily walk into town across Key Bridge or jump on the metro.   They’re going to be closing a lot of the bridges,

Earlier this morning, I drove to downtown DC to pick up tickets to one of the Inauguration parties.  Normally, it’s a 25 – 30 minute round-trip, but it took 1 hour, 15 minutes.   The police and security organizations have already closed off many of the downtown streets to prepare for the huge Inaugural Concert celebration at the Lincoln Memorial.

But, I have a feeling most people will be patient and realize the simple fact that there’s going to be a massive amount of people in town for this historic celebration.  Can’t wait!