Although I only live 2 miles from the Lincoln Memorial, I wussed out and didn’t venture there for the Inauguration Concert.   But, the primary reason was I attended a reunion luncheon in Fairfax, VA.

I spent 13 of my first 16 years of my life living in Japan.  I went to American schools on various US Military bases, including Zama High School in Camp Zama, Japan.  It was a special place and we made many life-long friendships.

A number of my classmates connected in the past year thru Facebook.  And, a number of them decided to travel to Washington, DC for the historic celebration.  It was absolutely great to connect with so many long-lost friends … the funniest part was when they brought out the old yearbooks … and we laughed hard at the pics of me w/ long, curly surfer hair in 9th and 10th grade (much different than my shaved head look now – lol).

But, I did make it back to my house by 3:00 pm and watched the entire Inauguration Concert on HBO.   Although I’m an avid NFL fan – I missed much of the first half of the Cards – Eagles game to watch the concert.  I was amazed at the many brilliant performances, including ones by Bono and U2; Beyonce; Springsteen; John Legend; Stevie Wonder; Usher, etc.  I must admit I got chills when Bono sang “Pride (In The Name of Love)”.  And, “American Pie” is one of my fav all-time songs so I loved it when they crowd sang along w/ Garth Brooks.

I loved the concert … it was terrific and memorable … then I got to watch the 2nd half of the exciting Cards comeback over the Eagles … then, the thrilling and hard-hitting Steelers – Ravens bash.  Man, there was some wicked hitting going on in that game!

What a day – it don’t get much better!  (I used “don’t” on purpose since I was using football dude-speak).  🙂