A very good friend of ours from Washington, DC, Billy Campbell, was on the plane that crashed in NY on Thursday afternoon.   What a miraculous landing by that tremendous pilot, Sully Sullenberger.   The stories and interviews from the passengers are riveting.

A transportation expert said the odds of both engines being damaged by birds plus a landing on the water is a one-a-billion occurrence.   Wow, just think of that.

In today’s troubled economic times, we’re in the need of good news.   We’re sick of tired the negativity in the air.   The nation is electrified with the new Obama administration coming on board.   Washington, DC is at fever-pitch right now.

A tragic plane accident would have definitely been bad on so many counts.  But, instead, thanks to the brilliance of Sully and his flight crew, this turned out be a miracle.   We are all so grateful.

My friends and I have seen too many people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s pass away over the last couple of years from illnesses, accidents, etc.   That’s way too young.  So, the adage of “living life to the fullest”, since one never knows when life can be taken away in a flash, is definitely one that we subscribe to.

We all count our blessings for the “Miracle on the Hudson.”