The sports theme continued through the rest of Thanksgiving Weekend.  It started out with basketball and hockey, but then it turned primarily to football.

On Saturday, my friends, Rynthia and Katie, hosted a group of friends at their beautiful farm in Purcellville.  They have a wide variety of fascinating friends, including their wonderful neighbors, the Walker family.  After a couple of hours of talking, eating and drinking, they hosted their first annual football game.   The Commissioner for the game was all-time Redskin great, Brian Mitchell.  The game was co-ed and it included young children.  So, the hitting wasn’t too ferocious and the skill level wasn’t particularly high (plus some of us were in street clothes since we forgot to bring football gear), but we had a blast playing ball.   Fortunately, no one got hurt.

Then, on Saturday night, my favorite college team, the OU Sooners, battled the OSU Cowboys.  This was a vital game for the Sooners since they’re battling the Univ of Texas and Texas Tech for the number two ranking in the BCS Series.   Just like they did last week against Texas Tech, they posted over 60 points against the Cowboys and walked away with a 20-point victory!  Of course, now there’s a three-way tie at the top of the Big 12 South.  And, the teams have to rely on two polls and the convaluted BCS rankings to see who’ll come out on top.  President-elect Obama is right — we do NEED a college football play-off tourney put in place!!!

On Sunday, my friend, Rob, visiting from Montreal, and I went to FedEx Field to see the Redskins play the defending Super Bowl Champion, NY Giants.   I thought the team would play well, especially since they were honoring the late Sean Taylor (who most of you know was tragically murdered during a robbery attempt at his home in Miami last year).   Unfortunately, the Skins came out flat and were dominated 23 – 7 by the Giants.  Boo.

Fortunately, I got home in time to see the Georgetown Hoyas play an outstanding game against their DC neighbors, the Maryland Terps.

So, this was one great sports weekend — pro hoops to hockey to college and pro football.  Plus, turkey, family and visiting friends.   The sports theme will continue as we head to Vegas next weekend for the De La Hoya – Pacquiao championship fight.   Go Manny!