Tonight I attended a tribute to Sean Taylor, the former Redskins Pro Bowl safety, who was tragically murdered in his own home during a robbery attempt in November of last year.   The event, which was held to raise funds for Sean’s two-year old daughter, was attended by Redskins teammates, staff and friends of the team at a steakhouse near Redskin Park in Ashburn, VA.

Many of Sean’s personal items, including a boat, several cars and ATV’s, were auctioned off both there at the event as well as on eBay.   Other items, including autographed jerseys, footballs and photos were also auctioned.  Dave Feldman, Fox-5’s terrific sports anchor, emceed the event.

Fortunately, tens of thousands of dollars were raised for Sean’s wife and daughter.  BTW, his wife and daughter (who’s a highly energetic and adorable girl) were there as well as her parents.  It was a highly emotional evening, particularly when they played a video tribute to Sean — with many comments from his former teammates and coaches.   The piece was superbly produced by the Redskins video team.

It really is such a tragedy that a young man was murdered at the age of 24.  He did a lot in that short period, but it has to be so tough for his family.   Obviously, his teammates, coaches and Redskins fans are deeply saddened … not only in losing Sean but also when they try to imagine what a great pair of safeties that he and LaRon Landry would have been for the next decade or so.

As one of his teammates so eloquently put it last night, the tributes have been terrific and heartfelt over the past week, but one final way to honor Sean Taylor is for the Redskins to retire his #21.  Let’s hope they make this happen.  It would indeed be one more fitting tribute.  Peace.