First, I’d like to thank those of you that wrote very touching and personal notes about their own experience of spending Thanksgiving without a loved one.  As I wrote on Thanksgiving morning, this was our first Thanksgiving without my father, who passed away earlier this year.  I deeply appreciate the wonderful emails and comments from friends.

So, Thanksgiving Weekend became a Sports Weekend.  I went to the Wizards – Magic game on Thanksgiving Night at the Verizon Center.   It wasn’t the best idea to stage a game on Thanksgiving Night.   Although it was a nationally-televised game and the Dwight Howard, one of the best five players in the league was playing, it was a woeful crowd.  The announced attendance was 12k but it looked more like only 6,000 or so in the seats.   And, the Wizards played with little energy and got thrashed by the Magic.

Last night, Friday night, was a much better sports experience as the Capitals welcomed one of the all-time great sports franchises, the Montreal Canadiens (or the “Habs” as they’re affectionally known).   Verizon Center was jammed full … most people were in their seats before face-off … and there was a play-off like energy and buzz in the crowd.   The Habs’ ex-goaltender, Jose Theodore, now playing in goal for the Caps, put on a stellar performance and shut out the Habs 3 – 0.   The Caps and the San Jose Sharks are the only teams that have not lost a game in their home arena this season.

Although DC has historically been much more of a basketball town vs a hockey town, especially with the excellent collegiate programs at Georgetown and Maryland (and, good ones at GWU and AU), in regard to the pro game, the Caps have become a hotter ticket than the Wizards.   If you get a chance, go check out the Caps – they play at home twice next week.