When it comes to Philanthropy, I’ve been blessed with two outstanding mentors, Ted Leonsis and Mario Marino.   They have done so much for this community … and they have also taught many of us the importance of community service, mentoring and giving back.   I’ve also witnessed the great philanthropic efforts of Jean and Steve Case, Raul Fernandez, Jack Davies and so many others.   It’s heart-warming to see the positive differences and changes they’ve made for so many people  in the greater Washington, DC region.

In regard to “giving back,” there are four basic options — 1) donate time, 2) donate money, 3) donate time and money, or 4) do nothing.   A majority of the people do option 4.   Everyone is busy and not everyone can give back, but it’s important for those of us that are involved in philanthropy to teach others and to set examples for others in the community.

With the downturn in the economy, people made not be able to donate money, but they can clearly donate their time in helping with the non-profits and community service organizations.   To be able create a more level playing field for others is a good, inner feeling.

I work with a number of outstanding organizations.  Here’s a listing of the various groups that I work with either as a board member, advisory board member, mentor, connector, adviser or donor.  If you’re interested, please review the links and I’ll be more than happy to put you in contact with any of the organizations.   Thank you.

– Hoop Dreams Scholarship Foundation — www.hoopdreams.org/
– Venture Philanthropy Partners — www.venturephilanthropypartners.org/
– Super Leaders — http://super-leaders.org/
– Asian-American LEAD — www.aalead.org/
– Year Up — www.yearup.org/
– Posse Foundation — www.possefoundation.org/
– Giving Back Fund — www.givingback.org/
– Hispanic Heritage Foundation — www.hispanicheritage.org/
– America’s Promise — www.americaspromise.org
– National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship — www.nfte.com
– Greater DC Cares — http://www.dc-cares.org/