Later tonight will be one of our fund-raisers for the wonderful Hoop Dreams Scholarship Foundation.   We’re going to hold an iKY Clothing Fashion show at the Shadow Room, a popular new spot in DC – near GWU.  All the proceeds will benefit the HDSF.

HDSF is now in Year 13.  The phenomenal Susie Kay, who is the founder, is still plugging away.   Her energy and enthusiasm is incredible.   The group has raised nearly $3 million and dispensed over 950 scholarships for DC public high school students.  It’s great to see the efforts put in by so many wonderful and caring people.

I’ve been a member of the board of directors for the past few years.  The board is full of great people — who care and want to make a difference.   It’s so worth the effort.  A majority of the HDSF students come from a single-parent family; are the first person in their family to attend college; and come from less privileged backgrounds.

I’ve helped mentor a few of the students — they all make me so proud.  One is a graduate of Hampton and now works for Verizon; another one is a senior at Temple; a third is a junior majoring in education at American Univ (where Susie and I both matriculated); and another is sophomore at Princeton.   I’m so proud of them all.   And, I / we are very grateful to all have helped us over the years.