The Redskins lost to their dreaded rivals, the Dallas Cowboys last night 14 – 10.   It’s a bummer to lose to a NFC East rival at home.  But, hats off to both teams for playing a hard-hitting, well-played game.   Romo did his best despite his injured pinky … and Barber ran all over the ‘Skins in the 4th quarter.  But, fortunately, the Skins are still in the middle of the play-off hunt.

There’s so many memories from the Dallas-Washington rivalry … some good, some bad.   It’s still definitely one of the best rivalries in the NFL.

It is interesting how one’s perspective changes.  It used to be that we would gloat in victory and totally be bummed out in defeat.  The next day would stink if your favorite team lost to a dreaded rival.   But, as one gets older and other things start to matter more, whether your favorite team won or lost takes on less weight.

For me, this has been a tough personal year with the passing of my Father.   We used to watch the Redskins games on TV together nearly every Sunday.  And, I spoke about my Father’s passion for the ‘Skins during the eulogy I delivered.

So, as personal situations change … the global economic crisis affects so much … watching Sports is still fun and a relief, but it’s no longer the most important thing in the world to have your favorite team win all the time.  That being said, Go ‘Skins!  Go Caps!  Go Nationals!  Go Wizards!  Go Hoyas!