We held our annual Leadership Council meeting for GWU’s Tourism and Hospitality Management Dept last night.   After getting update from the dept leaders, we held a two-hour dinner for the undergraduate and graduate students.  There were four presentations from LC members, then a lively discussion with students at the various tables we were assigned to sit.

I guess it might be interesting that I have both my undergrad and grad degrees from AU but teach at Georgetown and sit on the Leadership Council at GWU.  The bottom line is that regardless of the school, it’s great to be able to teach and mentor students, give back, share best practices, etc.

I love hearing from the students, especially as they start to make their way into the business world and up the corporate ladder.  It’s also terrific to see some students go on to graduate school while others are involved in Teach for America.  I also ran into one of my top students from the GU class on Tues evening … he’s now in the Navy as a young officer and is about to embark on a 6-month journey in a submarine.  I couldn’t be prouder of him — all my best to Hunter!

Oh, and to keep the DC college theme going on, I’ll be attending my first basketball game at Howard Univ tomorrow night.  We’ll be there to watch Craig Robinson, the new head coach at Oregon State and the brother-in-law of Barack Obama, make his debut.  A few good friends of mine played hoops with Craig at Princeton and we’ll all be there to support him.