This going to be an interesting weekend in Washington, DC with the G-20 Summit, featuring 20 world leaders, in town to discuss how to combat the global recession that’s currently going on.  It’s hard to say how much will actually get done in only two days worth of meetings, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.  There’s supposed to have a more lengthy follow-up meeting next March (after Obama is fully in place as our new President).

It’s hard to imagine the security detail and preparation that must be done in order to ensure the safely of all of the global leaders.   I had dinner last night at Founding Farmers, which is located at 19th and Penn, right next to the World Bank and IMG and three blocks from the White House.  They had already blocked parking on many of the nearby streets.  It’s only going to get more intense as the leaders start arriving today.

One of the unique things about living in the DC area is seeing the Presidential Motorcade — which is an unbelievable sign of power as they block streets and the official car is escorted by DC Police, US Secret Service and more.  It’s a cool thing to witness.

But, this weekend will be even more hectic as each one of visiting dignitaries will have their own official motorcade — which means traffic will be a mess this weekend.  Guess I’ll be riding the Metro this weekend!