Last night, I attended the screening of “Kicking It” at Georgetown University.  My mentor, Ted Leonsis, is the Producer of this terrific documentary about the “Homeless World Cup.”  The documentary made its’ debut at the Sundance Film Festival this past January and is being distributed by ESPN.   The movie is truly heart-warming and uplifting.

This is Ted’s second documentary … last year, his much-acclaimed “Nanking” garnered awards at Sundance.

Ted has coined the term, “filmanthropy,” which he describes as “shining a light on a difficult subject and activating discussion.”   To learn more about this term, go to Ted’s blog at

After the screening was over, Ted and the director of the film, Susan Koch, conducted a 30-minute Q&A with Georgetown students, faculty and alumni.

Then, members and supporters of Georgetown’s new Sports Management program headed over to 1789 for an excellent dinner and two hours of animated conversation.

Yesterday was a long day … from the 7:00 am breakfast seminar with Monte Jade to working all day to attending the screening and dinner at Georgetown, which ended at 11:00 pm but it was a wonderful and productive time.