We had a terrific class last night … after the initial class on Jan 13th, last night’s class was the start to the semester of our Sports Marketing Strategy class at Georgetown.

We focused on explaining the foundation and history of the Sports and Sports Marketing industries over the past few decades — including the development of the Sports Marketing agencies, Professional Leagues and Teams, the evolution of how sports media, event management, etc.

Then, for the second half of the class, we were all thrilled to hear the presentation from our esteemed guest speaker — Phil de Picciotto, President, Octagon.  Phil is one of the most powerful and legendary executives in Sports, yet he is a humble and terrific person.  He’s a great role model for me … as as a shining example to our students.

He spoke to my class last year — and they loved his presentation.  But, he in turn, told me how impressed he was with the our Georgetown students.   So, we were fortunate to have him back on campus for the second year in a row.

Octagon is one of leading global full-service sports agencies – they were voted Sports Agency of the Year in 2008.  They rep a wide array of leading sports figures, including the legendary Michael Phelps.  To see a full list of their athletes as well as the firm’s capabilities, please go to  http://www.octagon.com.

I’m thrilled to the great start to the semester.  We have a number of other leading sports executives and personalities, including team owners, marketing executives, sportswriters, financial advisors, etc scheduled for the rest of the semester.  Looking forward to a great Spring semester.