A good, fun weekend in DC.

On Friday evening, I took Tyrell from Real World DC to a number of events.  As background, this past summer, I was contacted by Real World DC about providing career advice to one of the cast members who was interested in an internship with a local professional sports team.  Since the cast member was a real college graduate, this was similar to the career discussions I have with many of the seniors I teach in our Sports Marketing Strategy class at Georgetown University.

So, we scheduled to meet at a friend’s conference room in Georgetown.  Before dispensing career advice, I like to find out the background of the person I’m trying to help.   Ty grew up in a tough neighborhood in Baltimore.  But, fortunately, for him, he was able to attend one of the top high schools in Baltimore — where he became an All-State football player and excellent student.

He then went to on to graduate with a degree in economics.  I was very impressed with his background — his desire to learn and grow, his interest in working in Sports and / or Entertainment, and his eagerness to work with local non-profits to help children from low-income families.

Ty applied and was chosen as one of the cast members for the Real World DC show that was shot in the summer to fall months in DC.   As people who follow the show on the internet know — he ended up doing an internship with the Washington Capitals.

So, we just re-connected so I could provide him career advice.  Our first stop on Friday evening was a a Happy Hour for our Georgetown University Sports Industry Management students.  Ty enjoyed meeting the grad students – and, they in turn enjoyed meeting him.

We then headed to Verizon Center where he attended his first NBA game.   It was great to see Dwayne Wade in action but it was tough for the hometown DC fans to witness another loss.   But, Ty had a great time — he met some of the players after the game as well as some of the Wizards cheerleaders.  So, all in all, it was a good, fun Friday night.

Saturday was the Georgetown – Rutgers game — won handily won by the Hoyas.

Then, on Sunday, it was back to Verizon Center to watch the Wiz take on the LA Clippers.   Another tough loss to witness.

But, then Sunday afternoon and night was terrific with the AFC and NFC Championship games.  As with most of my friends, we were all enthralled with the thrilling NFC game, which ended in overtime with the Saints winning on a 40-yard game-winning field goal by Garrett Hartely.

Normally, I’m sick and tired of all of the the hype during the two week run-up to the Super Bowl.  But, this year, I think it’ll be important since there will be many, many stories about the City of New Orleans — and how there’s still much that needs to be done to help repair that great American city.  Hopefully, the additional visibility and exposure will help the city as it tries to back up on its feet.

Much more to discuss about the Super Bowl in the coming two weeks.  Ciao.