After posting about 165 blogs over the past year, I took off a couple of weeks, but I’ll get back to posting a few blogs per week.  Here’s some highlights / fun things over the past few weeks —

Sat, Nov 21 — took two of my mentees, Sally and Da-Zhi to the movie, “The Blind Side.”  All three of us loved the meeting.  I thought it told a great story … I’m sure many of you have seen it so no need to re-hash the story.  Sandra Bullock definitely delivered an Academy Award winning type of performance.

Week of Nov 23 — definitely the highlight was going with my mother and brother to Tucson, Arizona for Thanksgiving and a Lynn family reunion.  My cousins hold a reunion every two years — this year, Cousin Kathy, hosted at her wonderful home in Tucson.  We had about 40 Lynns there for the holiday and reunion.  It was absolutely terrific.  My cousins are wonderful people — and they were so supportive after the passing of my father in 2008.

For my brother and I, it’s been a good year for reunions — we had a reunion with the Japanese side of our family in Tokyo in June; and now, we just had a reunion with our American relatives.

Week of Nov 30 — lots of time was spent with some of the non-profit organizations that I serve as a member of the board of directors or advisory council.  I met this week with Asian-American LEAD, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and Asian Pacific Islander American Scholar Fund.

Some of my friends / advisers have suggested that I scale back the time commitments to the non-profits while I continue to work on setting up my new business.  But, to me personally, it’s far too important to do what I / we can to help others — especially the youth from low-income families that can use our help and advice.   So, I will continue to plow forward with my philanthropic efforts.