Here’s a couple of articles about the wonderful NFTE documentary, TEN9EIGHT, and the fun after-party —

Anne Schroeder Mullins & Patrick Gavin –

“The after party Monday night in the Paris Room of the Hotel Monaco for the movie “Ten9Eight” — a documentary following a group of kids from rough neighborhoods (Compton, Harlem, etc.) as they participate in creating business plans for the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) — still had people wiping away tears.

AOL’s Jimmy Lynn – flanked by Redskins cheerleaders – told POLITICO “meeting the students” was the best part of his night. “We were all trying to be cool, but we were all crying.”

That’s something journo Annie Groer seconded: “The movie was amazing!” she cooed. Did you cry? “A little!”

Dem consultant Hilary Rosen said her favorite part of the night was watching “all these important people who want to talk to the kids in the movie.”

Important people like businessman Rick Rickertsen, man-around-town Winston Lord, CNN’s Jessica Yellin, FOX News’s Greta Van Susteren and her husband, John Coale, and Chris Gardner (who wrote the book turned movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”).

Lynn found a new friend in Rodney, a kid in the film. “I said, ‘Rodney, I’m always here for you. … I’m on Facebook, too.’ And Rodney goes, ‘You’re on Facebook?!’ And I said, ‘Yeah, man, I have two thousand friends, I can help you out!'””

Stephanie Green and Elizabeth Glover —

<<That’s not the only thing that gets expensive. “I’m blowing through clothes,” Mr. Coale fretted. “I have to go to Filene’s Basement all the time to get blue blazers at over $200 a clip.”

Nothing wrong with helping your heart and the economy at the same time.

Mr. Coale, Miss Van Susteren and other bigwigs from politics, business and media gathered at the National Portrait Gallery for a pre-reception and screening of “Ten9eight: Shoot for the Moon,” a documentary from director Mary Mazzio about inner-city youngsters turning into viable entrepreneurs thanks to a contest run by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Spotted: the Brunswick Group’s Hilary Rosen, CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin, “The Pursuit of Happyness” author Chris Gardner, VISA CEO Joseph W. Saunders.

In like Lynn

Among the notable Washingtonians making a cameo in “Ten9eight” is former AOL executive and philanthropist Jimmy Lynn, a fixture on the social scene thanks to his deep ties with athletes and sports organizations.

In the flick, Mr. Lynn introduces one of the youngsters, Tatyana Blackwell, to the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders in an effort to promote her fledgling uniform-design business, Just Cheer.

“You can be a champ, just like the Washington Redskins,” Mr. Lynn reminds Miss Blackwell in the film (clearly taped before the Skins’ recent losing streak), prompting the screening crowd to roar with sardonic laughter.

“Well, they were winning then,” Mr. Lynn explained to us at the screening’s after-party at the Hotel Monaco.

Mr. Lynn apparently has taken a shine to the big screen, and vice versa, as he told us he may be featured in the upcoming “Real World DC” on MTV.

“Real World” producers filmed an hourlong meeting between him and cast member Tyrell Ruff, a sports enthusiast from Baltimore, in which the two discussed Mr. Ruff’s career objectives.

According to Mr. Lynn, his new protege ended up landing an internship with the Washington Capitals, which will be chronicled on the show.>>