Pac-man, Pac-man, Pac-man!   Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao did it again last night with a terrific win against Miguel Cotto, a legitimate welterweight who came into the fight with only one loss on his record.

Manny Pac has become one of my favorite fighters … I’ve intently watched his victories — live in Vegas or on pay-per-view — over Dela Hoya, Hatton and now, Cotto.  Next up, hopefully, will be one of the great matches of all-time — Pac-man vs Floyd Mayweather.

My all-time favorite boxers are Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard.   I didn’t see many of Ali’s great fights live, but I’ve watched the them over and over on the “Classic Fights” episodes on TV.  As for Sugar Ray, I watched many of his fights in the 80’s, either on broadcast TV or pay-per-view.    I loved both them for their style, heart and desire to win.

Well, Pac-man has clearly joined these two all-time greats and I have now increased my list of favorite fighters to three.  Manny started fighting at 102 pounds!  His first championship was at 106 pounds.  He’s now won titles at 7 different weight classifications.  That’s a pretty remarkable feat.

I love Manny’s boxing skills — his quickness, his burning desire to win, his incredible fitness, his ability to close out a fight, etc.  But, I also very much admire the great work he has done for the needy and deserving citizens in the Philippines.  He’s now being touted as the greatest Asian boxer of all-time.

I hope he and Mayweather are able to hammer out the business terms — and look forward to witnessing an incredible championship boxing match some time in 2010.