As a follow-up the VPP / Mentoring blog I wrote about last week, here’s a story about an incident that happened today — and put a smile on my face.

I took my mentee, Sally, to FedEx Field earlier this afternoon where she was going to perform at halftime of the Redskins – Broncos game as part of the Junior Redskins Cheerleaders.  I’ve taken her to two games so far this season.  Today, I was going to drop off her to meet up with her fellow junior cheerleaders at Landover Mall – across from FedEx.  Then, I’d pick her up after half-time.

Well, I had to do something between the 1:00 pm drop-off and the 2:45 pick-up … so I went to have lunch, then cranked out a bunch of emails on my Blackberry while listening to the Skins game while sitting in my car.

I met a happy Sally at the bus, then headed to my car.  I turned the key but the car wouldn’t turn over.  Like a fool, I had run down the battery while listening to the game.  Dang, I thought to myself — who am I going to get to help to get this car started?

Fortunately, there was a Prince George’s County police officer nearby.   I asked for a jump-start and he quickly responded with a positive answer.  In less than 5 minutes, I got the jump-start and I was good to go.  I asked the officer for his card so I can send him a thank you.

This terrific person, named Corporal X. Watson gave me his card, which is like a baseball trading card, with a photo of he and his K-9 partner, K-9 Wolf.  As I was showing the card to Sally, I noted the personal message on his card.  It read, “Always help people who are less fortunate than yourself and lead by example.”

Well, those of you who know me know that I work with over 10 non-profits doing exactly as Corp. Watson’s personal message states on his card.  So, it made me think there was definitely some good karma going on … help others and when you’re in a time of need (such as I was with a car that wouldn’t start), this obliging and polite officer quickly provided the jump-start and we were on our merry way.  Pay it forward, indeed.