Today is my last day in Brazil before heading back home to Washington, DC this evening.  It’s been a terrific trip … very relaxing and refreshing … but I also had time to work on an initial draft of the business plan for my new venture.

One of the interesting things about being in Brazil, or for that matter, nearly any foreign country, is that I’m completely anonymous.   I hope what I write next comes out sounding right.

I love living in the Washington, DC area.  And, I really do like the lifestyle, but at times, I’m stretched too thin since I don’t know how to say “no” enough.   Over the past few years, it’s been a pretty hectic pace — working at AOL, teaching at Georgetown, volunteering with over 10 non-profits, family, friendships, playing ball, mentoring dozens of youth, etc — it’s an “always on the go” pace.   I do like this lifestyle and I’m not complaining, but your time is nearly always on demand.

So, it’s refreshing to get away … read, relax, work out, chill out, etc.   That’s why this trip has been good.  But, that being said, I do miss DC, family, friends, students, mentees, teammates, etc.  So, I’m ready to dive back into it tomorrow when I get back home.

Ciao, Brazil.  Obrigado.