I left Buzios earlier this afternoon and just arrived in Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.  The 3 – 4 days in Buzios was excellent.  It did rain quite a bit but that allowed me to relax and read as well as spend a good chunk of time on working on the business plans for my new sports venture. 

As I blogged earlier, Buzios is a cool spot and I definitely recommend the Martin Pescodar boutique hotel.   The hotel features 18 different rooms, outstanding views and a very accommodating staff.   I’m definitely going back during my next visit to Brazil.   I’ll post pics of the place on FB when I return home.

The most active area of Buzios is Centro, where the shops, restaurants and bars are located.   It was a 3 kilometer ride from the hotel (btw, the taxi’s have a flat rate of about $7).   I loved Centro — a great combination of nice, trendy shops as well as local dives to eat traditional Brazilian food.   I had a bunch of excellent meals during my time there (at pretty low prices).

I just checking in to the Copacabana Palace Hotel, which is one of the grand hotels in the world.  It reminds of the great hotels that you see in movies about Cuba and Miami in the ’60’s.   I stayed here last Oct and very much enjoyed it.  I’m going to head out now and will blog more about this place later.   Ciao.