I spent the entire day on the Georgetown Law Center campus.   We were there for Georgetown’s Sports and Entertainment Symposium.

I participated on the first panel, “Effect of the Internet on the Sports, Entertainment and Media Worlds.”  I shared the panel with four distingushed attorneys (I was the lone MBA) on the panel.   I thought we had a terrific exchange of ideas on how the internet and new media are affecting the music, film and sports worlds.  We did our best to talk about our areas of expertise as well as provide career advice to the law students.

Then, we held a luncheon that honored the esteemed Sen George Mitchell, who graduated from GU Law in the mid 60’s.  He’s truly one of the great people in this country — his body of work is amazing.   He’s already done so much for the US … and will continue to do as President Obama has asked for his expertise in dealing with the situation in the Mideast.

I moderated the third and final panel session, which was titled “The Behavior of Entertainers and Athletes and How it Affects their Employment Contracts.”   We had a superb group of panelists — Damon Jones, Club Counsel, Washington Nationals; Derrick Mayes, CEO, Executive Action Sports (and one of Notre Dame’s all-time greats); Ben Block, who works on NFL issues for Covington and Burlin; and Matt Winkler, Assoc Dean of GU’s Sports Industry Mgt program.

We discussed a number of issues, including the upcoming NFL / NFLPA collective bargaining agreements, Michael Vick, Michael Phelps, salary caps, rookie wage scales, steroids, etc.

This was our 2nd Sports and Entertainment Symposium — I’m already looking for to next year’s event!