We held our Super Leaders board meeting earlier tonight, led by our founder and role model, Brig Owens.  Brig is a remarkable person who has been overseeing Super Leaders for over 22 years – that’s an incredible commitment to the DC community.

The mission of the SL program is to “identify and train a team of students in selected schools to resist the negative pressures of their home, school and neighborhood environments.  SL develops these students to be positive role models and peer leaders in the effort to prevent substance abuse, violence, teen pregnancy, AIDS, academic failure and other problems effecting their peers and younger children.  The program also focuses on life skills and physcial fitness initiatives.”

300 – 500 students are enrolled each school year, reaching more than 5,000 students through outreach and student leadership.

Our Executive Director, Ms Frankie Crosby, is a fantastic person who oversees the program, including the weekend retreats.   She is another role model and leader in this community.   We are fortunate to have Frankie and Brig showing us the way.

The board is comprised of a number of leading business executives from the greater DC region.  It’s great to see the dedication of this entire group to “give back” and to help create a more level playing field for the DC children from lower-income families.

I’m honored to be part of this team.