What a great Super Bowl!  Clearly, it was one of the best ever — well-played and back and forth in a riveting 4th quarter.  Wow, great action.

So, if Big Ben doesn’t make that phemonenal and clutch throw to Holmes near the end of the game, my prediction would have come true — a victory by the Cards and the MVP award to either Fitzgerald or Warner.

But, I’m pleased for the Steelers, their organization and their fans.   The Rooney family is clearly the class of the NFL.  What a terrific family — that cares deeply about the team and the impact it has on the city of Pittsburgh.

As for the SB commercials, overall they were pretty entertaining.  Plus, it’s actually neat to watch a sports event without clicking to other channels during the commercial breaks (as guys do so frequently).

My hats off to the NFL for a superb game … and, kudos to Steeler Nation for a record-setting 6th Vince Lombardi Trophy!