Super Bowl Sunday!   The day is often over-rated and the game ends up being a blow-out but we have been pretty lucky the past few years with a number of games that went down to the wire.  Let’s hope that’s the case with today’s game.

So, for the second straight year, I’m so very, very happy to be watching the game at home with a couple of good friends.

For 12 straight years, I was fortunate enough to attend the Super Bowl since I managed AOL’s strategic partnership with the NFL.  It was a wonderful 4 days of attending the game, networking, business meetings, schmoozing, parties, community service, etc.   But, it was also stressful at times because we had to deal with so many details — flights, hotels (who stayed where), tickets (who sat where) — plus the long lines to get into events and the massive traffic jams.

On the other hand, there are so many great memories, including the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2002 — where U2 played a memorable set at half-time — which was sobering and riveting as the backdrop contained the names of the 9/11 victims.

There was also the Super Bowl in Houston where AOL sponsored the half-time show — it looked like a great marketing move until the the Janet Jackson / Timberlake disaster.

I’m sure I’ll be heading to future Super Bowls, but for now, I’m looking forward to watching the big game w/ my boys, Rick and Rick, ordering take-out, eating chips and salsa, etc.  Oh, and of course, watching the TV commercials (which I asked my class to watch so we can discuss during tomorrow night’s class).

Who do I think will win.  All indications are the Steelers will win because 1) their great defense, 2) experience from playing in the Super Bowl (just 3 years ago), 3) good combination of pass / run game.  But, as I did in predicting Manny Pacquiao upsetting De la Hoya, I’m going to go with the Cards upsetting the Steelers because of the brilliant play of Warner, Fitzgerald and Boldin.  One of those three will be the MVP.

Hope everyone enjoys the Super Bowl!