Last night I attended our annual fund-raiser in Georgetown for the wonderful Capitol Movement Project.    I serve on their board of directors and I’ve been a supporter since their initial days.   Thanks to everyone who attended and a major debt of gratitude to all of the people and firms that generously donated auction items.

Co-founded by Stephanie Jojokians and Amber Yancy, CMP is a terrific organization.   Per their site — the mission of CMP is “to build better lives through dance by partnering with community organizations to provide disadvantaged youth and underserved citizens the chance to participate and patronize the arts in Washington, DC.”   CMP also aims to “create opportunities for underpriviliged DC area dancers to train and perform at the professional level.  We represent dance in all its forms and styles as this transcends all boundaries and nurtures our mission.”

If you like dance and the arts, I strongly encourage you to attend your annual performance in DC, which will take place at 8:00 pm on Saturday, March 7th at the historic Lincoln Theatre on U St.

Yes, 10 – 12 of the dancers are Washington Redskins cheerleaders, but it’s actually a wide range of performers … females and males …. adults and youth.   In fact, three of my favorites are the three 10-year old girls who nearly always steal the limelight!  You’ll see an array of performances … traditional, jazz, ballet, hip-hip, etc.  Trust me, you’ll walk away highly entertained.  Every one of my friends that has attended a CMP performance the past three years has walked away very much entertained and with smiles on their faces.

To learn more about CMP and / or to purchase tickets to the March 7th gig, please go to   Thank you.