I had an excellent time at the Berman bat mitzvah yesterday.  My friend, Andy, the father of the bat mitzvah is one of the nicest and greatest guys I’ve ever met.   He and his lovely wife, Sabra, have four beautiful children.  Their second oldest was the one celebrating her bat mitzvah on Saturday.   She did an outstanding job at the ceremony.   She obviously put in lots of hours of practice.

Andy, who’ll officially become the Mayor of Mill Valley, CA, on Dec 1st is one-of-a-kind.   He was hugging and kissing everyone the whole day.   It was wonderful to see such joy and love in one room.

It was a short trip to SF … only 40 hours here … but I was able to have a great dinner in Palo Alto, toast my Father’s memory, spend time with Andy and his beautiful family, and make a couple of scenic drives across the great Golden Gate Bridge.

Now, it’s back to the aiport for a 5-hour flight back to D.C.  Sigh.