After a couple of days in New York, I came back to DC last night.  Then, I’m leaving this afternoon to fly to San Francisco.  The primary reason to go there is to attend the bat mitzvah for the daughter of a good friend, Andy Berman, who I used to work closely with at AOL — he did our business development deals for AOL Sports while my team and I managed the sports partnerships.

But, since the bat mitzvan ahd dinner will be on Saturday, I’m going to venture to Palo Alto on Friday night to have dinner w/ my friend, Melynda, who’s doing her residency at Stanford University.

Visiting Palo Alto will be special for me since that’s where my Father, who passed away earlier this year, lived while pursuing his PhD in Far Eastern Studies at Stanford.  That’s also where he learned to speak Japanese and play golf — of course, learning to speak Japanese helped him woo my Mother when he was assigned to Tokyo while he is the Army.  🙂

Thus, I’m looking forward to visiting both San Fran and Palo Alto, two of my Dad’s favorite places.  I will definitely will toast him at dinner tonight.