I was in New York for part of this week to attend the Asian Leadership Summit (which turned out to be an outstanding conference).   I arrived in NY on Tuesday night for the conf – which was on Wed and Thur.

I wish I had been in DC on Tuesday night since the city was shaking with excitement about the presidential elections.   But, if you can’t be in DC on Election Night, NY is a good second option.

As with most everyone else, I was closely watching the election results on Tuesday night.  As I headed back to the hotel, I heard a lot of noise in Times Square.   So, I walked a couple of blocks there – and, lo and behold, what an amazing crowd.  And, just as I was taking in the action, the big TV screens announced Obama as the winner.   The joy, excitement and shrieking of the crowd was unbelieveable.   People were screaming, hugging and high-fiving each other.   Cars were honking and honking.   It was definitely a memorable scene.   What a historic day / night.