Today’s presidential elections will no doubt be record-setting in terms of the number of people that come out to vote.   As the morning news has been showing, there are already long, long lines on the east coast.  It’s terrific to see such a great turnout.

I did absentee voting last Thursday since I’m going to be on business travel today.   It took a little more than a hour last week to vote …. I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like today …. maybe two to three hours?

Living in the Washington, DC area is terrific, especially around election time … this city is completely energized.

And, I’m sure most people are already seeing the effect of new media on the elections … the number of emails, the text messages, the Facebook messages, the ads on numerous internet sites.   There’s no doubt that new media will continue to have a bigger impact on upcoming political elections, particularly in getting the youths out to vote.

It’ll be an interesting 18 – 24 hours!