I have not done any blogging over the past few months … I got caught up too much in the ease and simplicity of Twitter as well as Facebook status updates.  But, the space is quite limited.  I get emails and texts from various friends and students about what I’m up to … so I figured it’s best to write a blog and point to it rather than trying to email a lot of different people. So, here it goes.

In regard to work, I’m focused on three specific buckets — JLynn Associates, Georgetown University and Human Equity.  Here’s the quick updates:

http://www.JLynnAssociates.com — a strategic advisory business focused on Sports and Entertainment.  I’m now in my fourth year and things are going well.  Working with 15+ clients, including Under Armour, MicroStrategy, x2impact, Audax Health, SportsVite, StatSheet / Automated Insights, SpotLight Ticket Management, MTX Wealth Management, etc.   It’s primarily an advisory / connector role with a focus on digital, social, mobile, global, diversity and marketing.  Speaking of global, strategic partnerships and alliances have been formed or will be formed in Brazil, China, Mexico, Israel, UK, etc.

– Georgetown University — this upcoming Fall semester marks my the beginning of my 8th year at teaching at Georgetown.  I’ve taught a Sports Marketing Strategy course in the McDonough School of Business (MSB) undergraduate marketing program for the past seven years; I’m continuing my role as the Visiting Professional in our graduate Sports Industry Management program in the School of Continuing Studies; and I’ll start teaching a MBA course, Social Technology Marketing, in Sept.  I very much enjoy teaching, advising, interacting and mentoring so many wonderful students.  I’ve also struck a number of terrific friendships with faculty throughout the campus.

http://www.HumanEquity.com — this is a new digital media solutions business we’ve launched earlier this year.  We have a terrific staff, based in NY and Washington, DC.  I’m very proud that our DC office is comprised of three of our former graduate students from Georgetown Univ.  It’s not easy launching a new business in these tough times but there’s clearly a need for social / digital media strategy help.  It’s an exciting venture with much upside.

So, those are the three areas of focus but I also do make sure to continue to spend a fair amount of time with philanthropy, mentoring and community service.  And, lastly, one of my long-time friends, Chris Tavlarides, and I are co-producing a boxing documentary that will be released this fall — http://www.thegoodsondocumentary.com/.  Much more info will be coming out soon about our movie project.