So, this has been an interesting in trying to blog daily for the month of June on a particular topic.  In this case, it was “What i like about Washington, DC.”  I did blog for 26 of the first 27 days in June but they was too busy with work the past couple of days to blog.

The fun thing about blogging is one can write about whatever comes to mind.  It’s simply expressing one’s personal opinion.  I do normally focus one of the following topics — Sports, Diversity, Education and Family.   But, for the past month, I actually tried to blog about different things I like about my hometown.  I didn’t draw up a list of topics.  Instead, I simply wrote about whatever came to top of mind for that particular day.

As we head into July, I’ll go back to writing about one of the aforementioned four areas — although from time to time I’ll write about other random topics.  Again, this is the beauty of blogging.  This is not a money-making business venture — it’s simply a hobby.  And, it’s great to get feedback from friends and students.

Thanks to those of you read this blog from time to time … and thanks for your emails and comments.