This is the fourth Father’s Day since we lost our father in Feb ’08.  As I’ve written about often, I miss my father very much but I’m also at peace that he lived lived a long life, is reunited with his parents, brothers and friends up above and he’s no longer suffering from Alzheimer’s.  Another comforting fact is that he’s resting at Arlington National Cemetery, which is only a 5-minute drive from my home.  So today’s topic for What I like about Washington, DC is Arlington National Cemetery.

Three of the heroes / role models in my life are my father, my beloved Uncle Art (my middle name is named after him) and my best friend’s father, General Guthrie, are all retired US Military officers and they’re all laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.  Mrs Guthrie, who also had a deep and profound impact on my life, is buried at ANC too.   That’s why it is a special place to me.

I’ve written a few times about it over the years, but there’s not as special and memorable to me as to how the US military honors its’ veterans.  The ceremony is precise, emotional and unforgettable.   From the horse-drawn hearst carrying the casket or urn to the playing of Taps to the gun salute to the folding / presentation of the American flag, it’s simply a spectacular way to honor the veterans.

Every time I fly by Arlington National Cemetery in and out of Reagan National Airport, I saw a special prayer of thanks to my dad, Uncle Art and General and Mrs Guthrie.

My deep gratitude and thanks to the Military Honor Guard, staff and volunteers who do such a tremendous job under the most difficult circumstances.  I know they don’t get thanked enough but I hope they know how much the families appreciate their compassion and professionalism.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  I love you and miss you.