What I like about Washington, DC?  Georgetown.  I could write a book about this one topic but I’ll try to keep it to a few highlights (although so many things pop immediately to mind).

First and foremost, it’s one of the most historic and certainly the most popular sections of DC.  It offers so much … stores (and stores and stores), restaurants, bars (come on Winston’s – now Rhino Bar), coffee shops, a mall, green areas to hang out, the majestic Washington Harbour, energy, diversity and of course, one of my places of employment, Georgetown University (and the Hoyas)!

Whenever an out-of-town guest visits (like one did today), you can’t wrong in taking them to Georgetown.  They immediately fall in love with the neighborhood.

It’s also great fun to bike, run / jog or walk through Georgetown – either through the neighborhoods or along the waterfront.

There’s also so many wonderful and historic homes.  A couple of my good friends own spectacular homes in Georgetown — great places to host functions and parties.

There’s also the Four Seasons, probably DC’s best hotel.  And, inside is the terrific Bourbon Steak House.  Oh, and of course, the historic steps from “The Exorcist.”  Yikes.

My favorite places to hang and / or eat are the Tombs, Pizzeria Paradiso, Hook, Cafe Milano, Cafe Peacock, Sweet Greens, Morton’s, Dean and DeLuca, the Ritz and Clyde’s.  I didn’t mention the uber-popular Georgetown Cupcake (since I’m not a cupcake person), but it’s nearly always packed (I know since it’s right next to our SIM Office).

And, last but not least is the Key Bridge, which I walk across 4 – 5 times a week.  The views of the Potomac are always wonderful – I never get tired of it.  I live in Rosslyn but I have direct view of the Potomac and Georgetown University.  I’ve been in this house for 10 years this summer but the views continue to amaze every day.  I feel blessed to live near and work and be part of the Georgetown community.