Today’s topic is an easy one … it’s about the museums and memorials in Washington, DC.   It’s what nearly every visitor always mentions — how much they love DC’s many museums and memorials.  So, that’s today’s topic for What I like about Washington, DC.

Unlike many cities that charge an admission fee for museums, we are fortunate that the museums, especially the wonderful Smithsonian Museums, are free of charge.  My favorites are the Air and Space, Natural History and the American History museums.  I did recently go to the American Indian museum, which has a cool and unique lay-out.

My favorite thing to do in the museums is to watch the Imax in the Air and Space Museum.  I’ve literally been in there dozens and dozens of times.   And, it never gets old.

If you like art, DC has so many places to visit.   My favorite is the National Gallery of Art (both wings).  But, there are many more, including Freer Gallery, Portrait Gallery, Sackler Gallery, African Art, Renwick Gallery, etc.

Then, of course, there are the memorials.   My favorite is the Lincoln Memorial.   I love going there and sitting at the top of the steps.   Such a gorgeous view.  Plus, President Lincoln is one of my heroes (my father’s hero too).   His impact on America was so profound.  I also like to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial – it’s so serene and peaceful there.

Other memorials that people visit frequently are the Washington Monument, FDR Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the US Navy Memorial, the Air Force Memorial, US Holocaust Memorial, etc.

I’m sure there are a number of other terrific places that I’ve missed writing about but those are the ones that come immediately to mind.   We are fortunate that Washington, DC has so many terrific museums and memorials to offer … not just to visitors but also to the locals.