This past week was an amazing one in Washington, DC.  It was a combination of my passions … teaching, sports consulting, philanthropy, mentoring and social events.

As I blogged about in the last post, last Tuesday night was a great night with the book celebration of Darell Hammond’s terrific book about KaBOOM!  We held a fantastic event with the Who’s Who of DC at the book party.  The energy in the house that night was remarkable.

Then, on Wednesday morning, I did my sports consulting work during the day, then sat it on a 4 of our Capstone / Thesis presentations from our students from Georgetown University’s Sports Industry Management program.  It did bring me great pride to see the growth and maturation of our students.  It’s great to see their evolution from the beginning of the program through the classes and then culminating in graduation, which will take place on May 20th.  I then hustled over to our NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) Annual Gala at the Ritz-Carlton.  Rodney Walker, a remarkable, young man and NFTE grad brought the house down with his keynote speech.  It was a phenomenal event with over 900 people packed into the room.  Kudos for Julie Kantor and Kate Palmer for all of their great work.

I work on Thursdays at the office of one of my clients, Under Armour.  I love this company and love seeing their rise — it reminds of AOL in the mid to late 90’s when AOL was on its way to becoming a global brand.   I actually was also there on Wed morning to speak at a roundtable discussion on Global, Digital and Diversity.  On Thursday, UA celebrated Armour Day — which included an employee meeting and then everyone going to the Orioles – Red Sox game.   A long and terrific day!

This past weekend was a big one in DC since it’s the White House Correspondents celebration.   On Friday, the Brunswick Group hosted a fantastic event, “Emerging Voices in Media,” on the rooftop of the Hay Adams Hotel.  The view of the White House from the Hay Adams is spectacular.  It’s one of the greatest sights one can witness — it simply takes your breath away.  Voto Lation’s co-founder, Rosario Dawson, was the star of the event.

Then, on Saturday, the White House Correspondent Garden Brunch was held at the home of Mark Ein (one of the most famous homes in DC).  Great mix of people, including Rupert Murdoch, T Boone Pickens, Sarah Palin, etc.  Then, on Saturday night was the Capitol File After-Party at the Ronald Reagan Building.

So, after 7 great days, I was ready to go to sleep early on Sunday night.  But, as I was dozing off, I saw the news alert about Osama Bin Laden being killed by US Military forces.   Although I only live 3 miles from the White House, I did not go there since I was exhausted.  But, the news coverage, including the celebrations at the White House and in NYC, was so intriguing.  What a week in the Nation’s Capital!