I’m very much looking forward to today’s final round of the Masters.   I’m pulling for Tiger to win but he had a tough day y-day – it’ll be hard to come back from 7 shots down.

As usual, CBS Sports is doing a fantastic job of covering the Masters.  I love the spots they’re doing of Jack Nicklaus’ historic win in ’86 — especially the poignant pieces about fathers and sons — the clips of Jack and his son caddying for him — as well as the voice-over about the 9 yr old who used to wonder why his own father cried when witnessing that incredible day.

Watching the Masters always reminds of my father.  I used to go my parents’ home on the final round of the 4 majors to watch it with my father, especially the Masters and the US Open (which usually was played on Father’s Day Weekend).  In the last few years of my Dad’s life, it was tougher to watch golf together since the Alzheimer’s robbed him of his memory.  And, although I’m still deeply saddened that he passed away three years ago, I have nothing but positive and strong memories of watching so many golf tournaments together.

He and I used to love to watch Tiger — there was definitely a connection since both my father and Tiger’s father were US Army officers.  And, of course, Tiger and I both have Asian mothers.   I know Tiger misses his father dearly … as I miss my own father.   But, as noted in the past, we are fortunate my father lived a long, full life.

So, I won’t be sad today watching the Masters … instead I’ll be sitting there with a smile on my face thinking of the many wonderful lifetime memories that Sports creates for fathers and sons.