As we head into December, here’s one person’s opinion of the DC sports scene:

– Redskins:  well, many people guessed at the beginning of the season that the Skins would be 8 – 8 this season.  So, with a 5 – 6 record, they seem right on track.   As a Skins fan, it is good to see the team with an experienced and proven coaching staff and GM (which is a far cry from the past couple of years).   There’s still a long ways to go — especially in improving the talent on the offensive line, WR and RB.  It is good to have a veteran QB in Donovan McNabb in place for the next few years.  But, it’s still a bummer to see that their highest paid player is a part-time player.  Heck, the highest paid player should be the hardest worker in practice and the one that produces at a high level on game days (think Michael Jordan, Walter Payton, Alex Ovechkin).  They do have a tough road over the next 5 weeks as they face the Giants twice and a couple of other squads with winning records.

– Capitals:  well, fortunately, DC has the Caps.  After 1/4 way through the season, they have the best record in the NHL.   The games at Verizon Center are a complete blast — fun, riveting and exciting — and always sold out.  It’s now the “it” tix on the DC sports scene.  What a great core of young, fantastic players in Ovie, Semin, Green, Backstrom, etc.   And they should just picked up a good vet D to shore up the back line.  It should be a great few months coming up for the Caps.

– Wizards:  the record is not much better than last year but they’re playing a much more exciting brand of basketball.  And, there’s definitely a core of good, young talent that should grow over the year.  Although he’s been injured the past couple of weeks, it’s great to have John Wall here in DC.  And, Gilbert is regaining his smooth stroke.  I believe they’ll continue to improve throughout the season as the team starts to learn to play together.  No playoffs this year but they’re back on the right track — and following the Caps model of building a core of good, young talent.

– Nationals: no real update here since it’s the off-season but let’s hope they pick up a good veteran starting pitcher and a quality 1B.   The Nats fans love Adam Dunn but management might be seeking a 1B that both hits and plays a good defensive 1B (which is important with a young 2B and SS).

– DC United: I like the move of picking Ben Olsen as the head coach.  Yes, he’s young but the team seemed to respond to him.  The bigger news in the soccer world is Thursday’s announcement of where the World Cups will be played in ’18 and ’22.  One would assume that England is the favorite for ’18 and the US for ’22.

– Mystics / Freedom:   it’s good to see both women’s professional sports leagues continuing to fight the good battle.   I think it’s important for youth girls to have role models such as the WNBA and WPS players.

– Georgetown:  the Hoyas hoops team is off to a great start.  They have a tough game tonight against Mizzou, then the real excitement will start with the Big East action in the latter part of December.  They have a terrific group of guards in Freeman, Wright and Clark.   Mad props to the Lady Hoyas for their great start – victories in the past couple of weeks against the past national champions, Tennessee and Maryland.  Also, kudos to the Women’s Soccer team for their 3 NCAA Tourney victories as well as to the Football team for their 4 wins this season (big improvement from the past couple of years).

– Maryland:  I’m very happy for Coach Friedgen for garnering ACC “Coach of the Year” honors.  Good for him – quality, stand-up guy.  It’s good to see the Terps playing well this year.  And it looks like Gary Williams has another good, exiting squad.  Along with the Caps games at Verizon, one of the best and most exciting sports experiences in the DC area is watching an ACC hoops game at Comcast Center.