Saturday was a special day on the Georgetown University campus as graduation ceremonies were staged throughout the day.  I loved walking to campus — and seeing so many smiles as families were surrounding their soon-to-graduate son or daughter.   Pictures were being snapped everywhere one went.

I got there about one hour early to the Leavey Center to prepare for the ceremony and to interact with the students and fellow faculty members.  I loved seeing the energy of our students as they were lining up and getting ready to walk on the stage to receive their diploma.   Along with Professor Bobby Goldwater, who was just awarded our Professor of the Year for the SIM program, I had the great honor of serving as the “hooders” for our large class of students.   Our Associate Dean of SIM, Matt Winkler, called us on stage as our students lined up to have their name announced, then they were hooded and the congratulated by Matt, Bobby, myself and our Dean of the School of Continuing Studies, Rob Manuel.

Congratulating the students on the stage was a highlight but the other big highlight for me was meeting the parents.   As I told the parents about their outstanding son or daughter, the pride and smiles on the faces of the parents was simply priceless.  Is there greater joy than the pride of a parent?  This was particularly poignant for me since it took me back many years to when I received my MBA.  My father was more of the strong, silent type vs an exuberant and excited type, but I clearly vision the great pride and joy on his face as I was conferred my graduation degree.  Since my father passed away over two years ago, these type of special memories are more important than ever to me.   With those great memories in mind, I wanted to make sure to meet as many parents as possible over this past weekend.

In addition to my many graduate students that I teach / advise / mentor, I also wanted to congratulate and meet the parents of my undergraduate students.  But, since both the MSB and SCS ceremonies were held at the same time, I couldn’t be at both places — fortunately, I was able to seek out and meet the families of some of my undergrad students at the MSB reception.

As I’ve told these students over and over — just because they’re graduation doesn’t mean this will be the last time we’ll see them.  Instead, they’re now part of our large and growing Sports network and family.   My hearty congratulations to all of the graduates — and congratulations to all of the loving parents and family members I met this weekend.    Hoya saxa.