What a terrific week this past week has been … I wrote earlier this week about our first-ever Asian Leadership Forum.   Other notable highlights from this week:

– Wed, Apr 14th:  the Greater Washington Board of Trade hosted a session on the importance of  “leveraging strategic partnerships.”  Jim Dinegar, the outstanding CEO of the BOT hosted the sessions — the three panelists were Leslie Thornton of Courtesy Associates, Jim Van Eperen of the Washington Group and myself.    We had a terrific exchange, then a robust Q&A with the BOT members.  And, I’ve received over 10 terrific emails … in the process of scheduling follow-up meetings now.   The BOT is a great place to meet new friends and to generate new business.

– Thu, Apr 15th:  I delivered a presentation on “Working and Networking in the Sports Industry” to about 35 – 40 students from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.  The class I teach is comprised of seniors — who are terrific — but this group was made up of mostly freshman and sophomores.  This was a home run of an event.  The questions they asked were terrific and some of the emails were absolutely tremendous.  Some of the ideas / thoughts generated from the 19 and 20 year olds blew me away …. so impressive.  I’m going to work with many of them in an advisory capacity in the coming years.  Then, maybe someday I’ll end up working for a couple of them.  🙂

– Fri, Apr 16th:  I wrote last week about the terrific partnership between Georgetown’s GAMBLE and the Year Up organization.  On Friday morning, we hosted approximately 100 Year Up students on the Georgetown campus.   GAMBLE members advised / mentored the Year Up students on how to construct a business case — in preparation for the business case competition next Fri, Apr 23.  It was absolutely inspiring for me to see how well this partnership is working.  So looking forward to next week’s case competition.

– Sat, Apr 17th:  Took my mentee, Sally, to the dog park at 17th and S.  Sally has always wanted a dog but no pets are allowed in her apartment.  So, we went to visit with my friend’s dog.  That was my first experience in a dog park – what an experience!  So many dogs running around and chasing each other.  The look on Sally’s face was priceless – she loved hanging out with the dogs.  I’ve told her I may get a dog – but I also told her she’ll have to help me take care of it from time to time.