We’re now in the 2nd half of the semester for our Sports Marketing Strategy course.   Our 47 students are starting to get antsy as they enter the downstretch for graduation – which take place on the Georgetown University campus in late May.

During last night’s class, the students took a 20-question quiz, review the chapter from the text book about Sport Sponsorship, discussed some background information for their final project, and then heard from our guest speaker, Billy Stone, of CBS Sports / College Sports TV Network.

We try to provide an array of guest speakers that provide real-world experiences from their various roles in Sports.  We’ve had team owners, agency presidents, sportswriters, league executives and TV event producers.  Coming up in the next few weeks will be a Sport Sponsorship analytics expert, a person who manages the financial portfolios of over 70 pro athletes, a professional agent, etc.

This year’s  class has been superb – the students are very engaged.  I love to teach and share my knowledge of sports marketing experience.  And, it’s great when the class responds in such a positive manner.  I’m already looking forward to next Monday’s class.