Okay, so now I’m changing my mind about London. I’ve been to London a couple of times but it always was a short 2 – 3 day that was normally tied up with business or business-related meetings. And, it was nearly always overcast and / or rainy.

But, after spending a full week here in London with our 18 graduate students from Georgetown University’s Sports Industry Management, I’m starting to get a much more positive feel for this wonderful city.

I’ll blog separately about our sports trip this week, but basically we went to 2 – 3 meetings / visits per day — and it was easy to navigate around the city via the legendary tube system.

BTW, these are the coolest taxi’s in the world, but they’re also quite expensive. So, taking the tube — both underground and overground, was much preferred. The map routes are well laid out and it’s fairly easy to figure out.

As for the food, I did try one of the local staples — fish (cod) and chips, which was excellent. I haven’t yet tried one of the other local fav’s — the bangers and mash. At the restaurant last night, it was listed as wild boar. So, I declined. But, I did hit a number of terrific Chinese and Japanese restaurants, which are plentiful in this international city.

From a Sports perspective, London is important (of course, the futbol is legendary) due to the upcoming 2012 Olympics Games. Thus, we’ll be program another group of students here in 2011 and 2012. This week was a great start to what we hope we will be a terrific partnership between Georgetown’s SIM program and the leading sports firms / executives that we met with this week.