It was good to be back on campus last night.   Most of Georgetown Univ was shut down the week of Feb 8th due to the three feet of snow that hit DC.  And, the university was closed for President’s Day last Monday.  So, I was eager to get back on campus for our Sports Marketing class last night.

I keep saying it nearly every week, but once again we had a fantastic class last night, highlighted by our guest speaker — Mark Waller, the Chief Marketing Officer of the NFL.   Thus far, we’ve had Phil de Picciotto — President, Octagon and Christine Brennan — USA Today and leading sportswriter, address our class.  Then, next week, Ted Leonsis will speak to our class.   So, it’s been an amazing run so far this semester.

It was great for our class to hear Mr. Waller talk about the NFL Brand, the Super Bowl (it was terrific to have him speak to the class just two weeks after a record-setting Super Bowl), the Pro Bowl, NFL Draft and so many other terrific NFL marketing and programming ideas.  The NFL is clearly the biggest sport in the US and one of the most powerful brands in the world.

I also loved being able to share some real-life stories and examples from Super Bowl Weekend in Miami and NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas with the class.  We also addressed the ongoing Winter Olympics and Tiger Woods situation.  What a great month for Sports!

But, it’ll continue in March with the NCAA March Madness, the down-stretch of the NBA and NHL seasons and the ramp-up to the start of the MLB season.

Go Hoyas!