The Washington, DC area was blasted with a wonderful snowstorm — nearly two feet of snow in some places.   I know that many of the cities in the Northeast can function ably when snow hits, but certainly not Washington, DC.  Heck, just a couple of inches of snow can paralyze the traffic in the DC area.

It started snowing about 10:00 pm on Friday … after waking up on Saturday morning, the streets were covered with about 6 – 8 inches of snow.  But, then the major portion of the storm hit on Saturday afternoon.  It was simply spectacular.   I think we had about 18 inches of snow in the Rosslyn area.

My townhouse overlooks the Potomac River and is directly across from Georgetown University.  So, the sights were beautiful.   It was so quiet and peaceful.

A few good friends of mine decided to have dinner in Georgetown on Saturday night.   I live about 1 mile from Cafe Milano.  I figured I’d bundle up, throw on my boots and make the walk there (since cars couldn’t get out of the neighborhood).  It was nearly a mistake — Key Bridge was not plowed — so what is normally a 15-minute walk took nearly 40 minutes.  What a work-out!  My Timberlands came through in the clutch.

It was beautiful walking across Key Bridge and up M St in Georgetown.  Nearly 75% of the bars and restaurants were closed.  We had dinner at 9:00 pm at Milano — we were the last diners in there.   We then went to the Four Seasons for after-dinner drinks.   I didn’t want to trek back across Key Bridge since it was so cold and windy outside — I fortunately found 1 taxi.  It’s normally about  $5.50 fare for the ride to my house — the cabbie charged me $20 but I gladly paid the fare since I got home safely.

We’ll see how the snow removal plays out in the next couple of days.  Peace.